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Godly Government

Pray for Angelic intervention on every level of Government in Canada. That ungodly laws will be reversed and stopped, that every political leader is protected and comes out from under high level demonic influence and assault.

Godly Government
Baby Sleeping

Ending of Abortion

In 1969, Pierre Trudeau's government legalized abortion in Canada. Initially there were some regulations regarding when pregnancies could terminated, but in 1988, the abortion law was struck down as being "unconstitutional" leaving Canada with no law, and allowing full term abortions. This action,  resulting in some 4 million babies aborted to date,  has made the mother's womb, the most unsafe place for a child in Canada. We need to pray for the sanctity of life, that  and abortion ends in Canada!

End of Abortion

Revival in Canada

Jesus is calling us back to being people of  His Word and His power, becoming the Church demonstrated in the Book of Acts, which challenged immorality and religious legalism. Pray that the Church of Jesus Christ is revived, to bring churches and communities into transformation, and Canada into reformation! We need a national awakening!


Your Region

Transformed people, transform cities and nations! We pray for provincial and city governments, churches,  families, schools, health care, and businesses;  that the full power of the Gospel is experienced in every mountain of society!  We pray for that our regional leaders will make good decisions, that we would have prosperous economies and peaceable lives.

Your Region
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